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About the Band

Spirit Gun is a razor-sharp rock n' roll band based in Norfolk, Virginia.  The trio’s trademark sound showcases an intense blend of punk-like fury, melody drenched grooves, and combined with dashes of soul music creating a sonic journey that keeps audiences captivated everywhere they play.

Sporting driving guitar riffs & a relentless display of energy— the group’s lineup boasts the passionate crooning of guitarist & lead vocalist Peter Overstreet; coupled with the hard-hitting rhythmic forces of Oren Lev on drums & the showmanship and thundering low end of Anthony Burgess on bass.

Often compared to the The Bellrays, Fugazi, Lake Street Dive, and The White Stripes, Spirit Gun are in a category all their own!

With an array of powerful performances throughout the Hampton Roads area playing with national touring acts like The Dollyrots, The Plot in You, Can't Swim, Volk, and The Dover Brothers.  Spirt Gun plays in Concert Halls like Elevation 27 & The Bunker in Virginia Beach to hometown favorite bars like the Taphouse in Norfolk and The Riffhouse in Chesapeake.  

They like to rock out around their hometown of Norfolk, VA, but also hit the road regularly to play in cities like Richmond & Washington DC and are always adding more pins to the map of places they have rocked.

They always want to take their gripping full-throttle roar of a rock n' roll live show to crowds large and small in all the cities hear and far!

The band has been played on radio in their hometown including Out of the box on WHRV 89.5 and on 96X.  The have gotten lots of radio play outside the US on the Blackout radio show with Mike Pougounas, Formula Indie on the European Radio Network, and on many other syndicated shows!

They are also on heavy rotation on hundreds of Spotify playlists.

The group's latest release is a an EP called the Antonym, which came out on 12-23-22 via PowerStep Records!  They are hitting the road and the airwaves to promote it and spread the word of their philosophy of rock.roll.soul!


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“ The Antonym ”, is an EP. extraordinary, modeled with the mastery of great artists who manage to express their sayings and capture perceptions of everything. (Translated from Portuguese) - Music for All

This is a great-sounding EP that hits quickly and to the point with a rampage of explosive guitars, wonderfully aggressive drumming, and a gritty bass that holds everything together. “The Antonym” is a USA work of art that reminisces the Rock and Roll spirit of 90’s bands like Janes Addiction. -  JPGCHIEF/Less Than 1,000 Followers

Spirit Gun are a new discovery of mine, but they’re set to become firm favourites with the calibre of music contained on their EP, The Antonym. There’s a definitive punk quality to their music, although it also has elements of grunge, alt rock and garage rock contained within it, as well as a set of catchy hooks that will get under your skin in no time! - York Calling (UK)

After the (Antonym's) chorus there’s an intense interlude that sets up the “ghost town” of the second verse.  This interlude is classic punk in its riff, vibe and performance.  This is full on trash the club material.  A brief verse takes us right back to trashing the club again with a pre-chorus, interlude, and chorus and the double-kick outro.  I love the down & dirty guitar tones, and the way the tempo slightly oscillates around the track.  Personally, I’m not a fan of punk played to a metronome.  Props to the bass player and the lines he throws in to add some depth to the vocal lines.  Also love the guitar solo and the unstructured chaos.  Phantom Power Music Blog - Nashville, TN

Fuelled by the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and living the larger-than-life punk experience, Spirit Gun doesn’t just defy the rules in ‘The Antonym,’ they make them. Refusing to stick to one genre, they cleverly blend a punk-like fury with the calm dashes of soul and rock-like melodies which is refreshing and exciting to hear. Is there any wonder why this is a soon-to-be fan favourite? - Music is to Blame (UK)

Whatever you might think about Rock’n’Roll still being alive, you’ll find solace and nostalgia in Spirit Gun’s music. Emerging from Norfolk, Virginia, the group is able to condense the charming punch of classic rock and blend it with more refined post-punk tones, engaging in choir-style vocals that feel rebellious and edgy. - Mesmerized (UK)

Their (Spirit Gun's) latest EP, The Antonym, is a 4-track rock-n-roll project with punk rock influence and attitude. The EP is fueled by stiff riffs from fuzzy guitars, rugged bass, rapid-fire drums, and hauntingly angsty vocal performances. The style of the tracks on this project are reminiscent of The Misfits, punk rock ballads with early rock-n-roll influence. Spirit Gun’s latest EP, The Antonym is a raucous rock project and the perfect addition to any punk playlist - Senocular Media - Las Vegas, NV

A band of our days that has decided to express themselves through a language very much in line with Grunge is Spirit Gun who have recently released a very interesting Ep entitled The Antonym .  The reference genre of this formation is that particular area of ​​Grunge whose chemical composition is 2/3 punk and 1/3 hard rock.  The disc we are analyzing is made up of four pieces in which the band unleashes all its energy to give us an intense musical experience with a high rate of adrenaline. - (Italy)

The Antonym sure contains a lot of melancholia and memories. Nevertheless, Spirit Gun present a sound that was born from minds whose clocks are still ticking. This is no nostalgia-only good-ol‘-days-Cock-Rock EP, but a sonic memory of a beloved person, realised by three musicians who are still looking head and moving on. Spirit Gun breathe life into Punk, Rock’n’Roll and Garage Rock without providing us with a dusty re-hash. In parts they remind of a calmer version of New York’s Mad Mulligans, and the EP The Antonym makes you want to hear more Spirit Gun sounds. - Mangowave Magizine (Germany)

The soundscape is mostly 90’s hard rock, with lots of sounds and richness in emotive tunes. The fast pace of the music really pumps you up with adrenaline and excitement. The musical arrangement is dynamic. With every piece of music reflecting lyrically and sonically what the vocalist really means. Emotional and honest, the music just moves you with its high energy and positive tunes that are a tribute to Jeff’s beautiful persona. You’ve got a wild electric guitar, harsh electric guitar riffs, funky and super-hyped rock melodies, hardcore drums and cymbals, intense and long electric guitar solos that will really get to you. - Rock era magazine (Egypt)

One of the things I appreciated about this EP is the band’s ability to create a cohesive and unified sound despite the range of styles and influences they draw upon. The raw Punk sound of the guitars, in combination with the aggressive and carefree vocals, leads to a creative amagalma of anger and art. The songs flow together seamlessly, creating a sense of continuity and consistency that is rare in modern music.  Another standout feature of this EP is the band’s musicality and technical skill. The guitar work is particularly impressive, with intricate and complex riffs that add depth and texture to each track. The bass and drums provide a solid foundation for the music, creating a tight and dynamic rhythm section that drives the songs forward. - Skylight Webzine (Greece)

Spirit Gun recorded this superb EP at their studio, The I3. Subsequently, it was finalised by Chris Kendrick at Whiskey Bear studios. Together the team have crafted an EP that stands out from the crowd and sets Spirit Gun as a band to watch this Spring.  - FV Music Blog

There's an anthemic vibe that keeps your attention from song to song. It's hard to highlight the lovable elements of an underground sound without sacrificing production quality. Spirit Gun really shines with this release because they were able to do just that. There are parts of this EP that are a little rough around the edges, but that's exactly what you want to hear. Hypnotic vocal flows are boosted by background chants, clever lyricism, and an impressive performance. The guitar is distorted and crunchy, bass lines are groovy, and the drums are punchy. Overall, this is a fun set of songs that leaves you wanting more, which is precisely what an EP is supposed to do. - Havoc underground

If you’re looking for a dose of true rock and roll, look no further than SPIRIT GUN‘s new EP The Antonym. SPIRIT GUN is an independent band based in Norfolk, VA that plays a style of 90’s alternative rock. - Indy Rock News

The EP "The Antonym" is, therfore, a tribute to the Punk/Garage and Grunge style and it's raw and stripped down sound,which isstill capable of transporting the listener to different place, full of energy and vitality.  Reassembling and remembering groups like Verve, Primal Scream, Foo Fighters, and etc, the RP is a remarkable work that highlights the talent and mastery of the musiciansof the band Spirit Gun with regard to the use of their instruments and the creation of energetic rhtyms and enveloping.  If you identified with this text, thi song is for you. (Brazil)

I found this single fantastic, leaving you with a feeling of wanting to hear more, exceeding all expectations! With an innovative sound and a lot of talent on the part of the 3 members, we hope that new songs are being announced soon. - Música en Palabras (Translated from Spanish)

Rock and Roll in one of its best essences and multifaceted. That's what Spirit Gun presents in their newest single, “The Antonym”, a song that enchants and infects the listener right from the start.  With the introduction of a wild bass, the song gains nervous guitars and a drum full of intensity, in addition to insane vocals, generating an energetic and intense song. Hard rock, punk and even alternative rock form the character of the composition.-Roadie Music (Brazil)

Norfolk, Virginia's Spirit Gun and the jagged, punchy alt rock post punkery of "The Antonym" about a friend they lost all too soon. (I thought of Bloc Party and Gang of Four colliding) - American Pancake (Facebook share)



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She Sells (Live)
Gypsy (Live)
The Antonym (Live)
Restless Acoutsic
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