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Rock. Roll. Soul.


Photo by Matt Francis

Spirit Gun is a razor-sharp rock’n roll band based in Norfolk, Virginia. Established in 2017, the trio’s trademark sound showcases an intense blend of punk-like fury combined with dashes of soul music creating a sonic journey not dissimilar to that of the Bellrays. 

Sporting driving guitar riffs & a relentless display of energy— the group’s lineup boasts the passionate crooning of guitarist & frontman Peter Overstreet; coupled with the hard-hitting rhythmic forces of Oren Lev on drums & Anthony Burgess on bass. 

With an array of powerful performances throughout the Hampton Roads area ranging from the Taphouse in Norfolk & the Bunker in Virginia Beach, to Capstan Brewing in Hampton— Spirit Gun’s gripping live show is a full-throttle roar of rock’n roll not to be missed! 

Most recently, the group has been extending their reach outside of their hometown with other regional performances; such as the Garden Grove Brewing Company in Richmond & has been featured on the WHRV 89.5 Hunter At Sunrise radio program, & released their single, "Restless"— now available via Power Step Records!

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